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Art installations at Google, for AllKinds Studio

Design, fabrication, project management, and installation for multiple art installs at Google's Redwood City campus. We collaborated closely with Google's team to transform these unsightly openings in their ceilings into pieces that celebrated their office's "flora and fauna" theme.

Chicago's NBC Tower, for AllKinds Studio

Designed and fabricated this small scale model of a german landscape. Installed in an unused closet with a small window in the hallway at NBC Towers.

Custom Woven Palms, for Voila! Creative Studio

Created sample and wove these custom metal palms for a hotel presidential suite.

Concrete shapes, for AllKinds Studio

Created the sample for this custom lobby wall art. Included 3D modeling and printing a form to create silicone molds and produce these delicate concrete casts. 

Project managed, fabricated, and installed this custom poker chip wall art in a trading company's game room.

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